A clean home is inspiring! All of these tips will not only make your home look better, but save you time cleaning and that’s the only thing stopping you from having a clean home. With a clean and organized home you also get more time to do the things that you love.
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how to get your home clean in 90 minutes or less

Clean As You Go

In culinary this is the motto and there’s a reason for it. By cleaning as you go instead of all at once you create a more organized and functional environment.

Organize Daily

Whether you have a ton of papers on your desk or you need to get your closet in order be sure that organizing is a priority. You don’t wanna spend time looking for something because things are all over the place.

Put Things Back Where You Found Them

It takes less than 15 seconds to put something back to where we found it. I’m guilty of it too... getting something, using it, then letting it sit wherever instead of putting it back. This is how clutter is created and if you’re anything like me sometimes when we do this we’ll think about putting the item back, but we don’t do it. Weird right? I’ve gotten better at this, but we are better off just taking that time thinking about cleaning and just actually do it.

Use a Cleaning Planner

The Cleaning Forever Planner has really helped me plan out my cleaning. I no longer have to worry about what’s been cleaned or where to start. This planner has every room and every layout to help you get your home in order.

Rapid Cleaning Schedule

10 minutes dust (once a week)
10 minutes vacuum (1-7 days a week)
15 minutes mop (1-3 days a week)
7 minutes take out clean dishes from dish washer and put dirty ones in (daily)
10 minutes bathroom (1-2 days a week)
3 minutes pick up toys, clothes, shoes and put them where they belong (daily)
2 minutes take out trash (daily)
20 minutes wipe down fridge (once a week)
4 minutes make beds (daily)
9 minutes laundry (1-2 days a week)
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