I’ve purchased so many amazing things from Amazon in 2020 that I just had to share with you all!
I've created many posts about planner favorites and planner must-haves from Amazon, so this post is more geared towards non-planner items, but if you want to know planner must-haves and planner favorites here are some of my other blog posts I rounded up just for you!
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Favorite 2020 Amazon Purchases
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Detangling Brush | | This hands down is the BEST detangling brush! Before this purchase it would take me so much time trying to detangle my hair, but now it takes less than 10 minutes. Sometimes I really like to take my time, so it takes a little longer, but its so good! I gave the second brush to someone and they said they love it as well. I was skeptical when I first heard about the brush, but I'm so happy I got it!
Hair Spray Bottle | Amazing hair spray bottle! The mist is soft and even, perfect for wetting your hair before styling.
Edge Control | This edge control smells so good! I love the lemon and pineapple. I use the pineapple as an everyday edge control and I use the lemon for when I really want my hair to smell extra extra good! After I apply I do a light spray of water to make sure there's no white cast and it just looks so good!
Hair Clips | These are great for keeping your hair all together while you're working in sections and they come with so many, so you can share with a couple friends!
Makeup Brushes | Hands down the best makeup brushes I've ever used! I love them so much that I got a friend the exact same set. They're that good! They're also super gorgeous and a nice quality!
Makeup Holder | This holds all of my makeup and keeps everything visible and organized, so I know exactly what I have and what I may need to reorder once its out!
Hair Heat Protectant | Love this! So good and leaves my hair smelling nice, no more smoke smell from using my straighter!
Makeup Sponges | Super soft and makes my makeup look absolutely flawless! I use these the most when I want my makeup to look extra good (I use brushes when I'm in a rush or just want a quick makeup look) and they always get the job done!
Favorite 2020 Amazon Purchases
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Silk Pillowcase | | So many people say to use a silk pillowcase to keep your hair moisturized, so I FINALLY gave in and bought one and its so nice. My hair gets really dry around day 3 after washes, so I was in need of something to really help my hair besides oils and conditioners that I already use!
Wireless Speakers | | I'm OBESSED with this speaker! I love that it changes colors. It really adds a certain mood to a room and the sound gets super loud, so its perfect for when you have to step out of the room, but still want to jam out! THIS is what we're listening to now!
Echo Auto | | Cool gadget. You can do a lot of different things like ask for directions, the nearest gas station, play music and so much more! There's nothing less fun than being lost and out of gas and needing to find the nearest gas station, so this little gadget comes in handy!
Electric Trashcan | | This is the most interesting thing ever, haha! I had no idea that these existed before, BUT with COVID I think a trashcan that you don't have to touch is a must! Its no fun having to wash your hands every time you throw something away, so this eliminates that need!
Dish Set | | A white dish set is one of my favorites! These have such a clean look and feel and this set is perfect for any occasion.
White Desk | | Hands down the best desk I've had dust far! I love the white and its super clean look. It makes working from my desk so much better! I do recommend that you use coasters to keep everything nice and white. This desk is also pretty easy to clean, so it doesn't require a ton of maintenance when you take care of it.
Velvet Hangers | | I was so over having different color and types on hangers in my closet. I wanted a more uniformed look and I'm so happy I went with these. Not only did they make my closet look better, but they also added a ton more space!
Ear Buds | | This brand is the only brand (except Apple) that actually lasts me YEARS! Other earbuds stop working within 6 months and it started to get costly purchasing earbuds 2-3 times a year, but these last me A LOT longer and I love them!
Favorite 2020 Amazon Purchases
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Scensible Bags | | OMG! Where have these been for most of my life?! These are perfect for being more discrete when its that time of the month. They also help hide the smell, which is something that comes in handy especially when you're using public restrooms.
Electric Toothbrush | | Love this electric toothbrush because it holds its charge for a long time. Also loves that it comes with extra heads to change out. I have a pink electric toothbrush, but this one is similar!
Razors | | So these are men's razors, but I LOVE them because they give me the closest shave and I really like that it moves with you. This has REALLY cut down on shave time and razor cuts.
Eyebrow/Face Shavers | | I use these to do my eyebrows and to get rid of peach fuzz, but now that I've found my perfect razor I use them mainly for my eyebrows and they're so good! They shape my eyebrows perfectly!
Lotion | | This is the best lotion I've used! It leaves my skin SOOO smooth and it has a nice light smell. I love adding this on my legs after I've shaved. It just makes everything smoother and you can't beat the price!
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