The PM Career Mode Planner Collection is here...

The PM Career Mode Planner is finally here! With a super slick and polished look to suit your professional needs. 
Now more than ever is this planner needed with the position that the world is currently in and the many people affected by lose of jobs. I wanted to create a planner that would not only get you organized, but one that would empower you to create career goals, stay focused, and help you achieve the things that you want out of life.
 career planner
If I had to choose some of my favorite pages I would say all of them, BUT must-haves are...drum roll please...the daily planner, work day planner, planner notes, weekly work schedule, and the salary tracker. If you don't get anything else from this planner those are definitely the ones that you need. They're all versatile and something we could all utilize no matter our job title, which is why I love them so much.
I hope you enjoy this collection! Shop the Career Mode Planner available in a full size planner and individual planner inserts. Also available with and without stripped borders! Shop the Career Mode Planner Collection HERE.
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