Self Care Planner

Self Care Planner
Self care is an essential part of life. It’s so important to plan time for yourself even if it’s just an hour a day! Self care can consist of a bubble bath, doing your nails, going to your beautician, or just reading a book. 

The self care planner will aid you in making time for yourself and reflecting on your day and mood. Perfect for anyone wanting to unwind and relax!

  • Front and back cover
  • Beauty routine
  • Daily review
  • Mood tracker
  • Mind, body, soul reflection
  • Notes
  • Daily Journal
  • Workout tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • "Things that make me happy" and "things I'm excited about" notes
  • My motivation notes
  • Weekly mind, body, soul reflection (Sunday and Monday start)
  • My favorite quotes
  • Therapy Sessions
  • "Today's a great day for self-care & happiness" graphic


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