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The Lifestyle Forever Planner printable planner has everything you need to plan your day with OVER 180 pages

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Planner printables

Use your planner to keep track of tasks, projects, bills, your mood, and SO MUCH MORE!

Printable planner pages include:

  • Front and back cover
  • Monthly Layout (Sunday and Monday start)
  • Weekly Layout (Sunday and Monday start)
  • Daily Layout (Sunday and Monday start)
  • Hourly Layout (Sunday and Monday start)
  • Monthly Grocery Lists
  • Mood Tracker
  • Grid Notes
  • Monthly Lined Notes
  • Dotted Notes

    Must-Haves and Favorite Pages

    I LOVE all the planner pages because they're all SUPER helpful in their own way, but if I had to choose some of my favorites out of 180+ pages it would be these and here's why...

    Monthly Calendar

    Easily see tasks, reminders, and events all in one place! I use it to write down work and personal obligations so that I can stay organized throughout the month. That way I’m not feeling overwhelmed or forget things to do.
    Monthly calendar

    Daily Schedule

    Perfect for those of you that like to plan day-by-day or want to view your daily agenda and schedule! You can also track your water intake, exercise routine, and skin care regimen.
    Daily schedule


    Monthly To-Do List

    Planner Mode’s To-Do List is definitely a fav! We’ve all made a to-do list before (and if you haven’t, that’s okay!)

    Dozens of things need to get done during the day, week, and month. I don’t know about you, but my list easily has about 50 things to do on it as we speak! BUT no worries, these pages can help with that!

    Monthly to-do list

    Grocery List

    We all gotta eat! Why not stay organized while grocery shopping?!
    Everyone has left their grocery list at home or work at least once, but who do you know that’s left their planner at home? …I’ll wait.
    Have your grocery list with the rest of your planner and not on a bunch of sticky notes that you may lose. 
    grocery list

    Mood Tracker

    OK! This is something that was really important for me to add to this planner.
    Once the year is over you can go back and view all of the moods you’ve had throughout the year...the good, bad, and ugly!
    You’re probably wondering why on Earth would I want to do that?! Good question!
    For me I want to know how many good/bad/etc. days I had.
    Not only is it interesting to see, but it also provides some insights as to my daily moods and that’s something you definitely want to know.
    See the good, the bad, and the …pretty with the Planner Mode Mood Tracker!
    Try saying that 3 times fast!
    mood tracker printable


    I LOVE that the months are included on this one because it takes the guess work out of what month my notes go with. You can use this page to write notes, lists, track your bills and expenses, meal prep, and so much more!
    notes printables

    Front & Back Covers

    We offer over 45 planner cover options for your Lifestyle Forever Planner.
    Choose from colorful, quotes, signature covers and TONS more to suit your personal style!
    Planner covers


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