Christmas Forever Planner

The Christmas Forever Planner printable planner has everything you need to plan your Christmas with OVER 40 pages



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Stay organized this holiday season with the Christmas Forever Planner. Use this planner year-after-year for a seamless Christmas Day!
Use your planner to keep track of gifts, meals, menus, tasks, groceries, guest lists, recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!

Printable planner pages include:

  • Front and Back Cover
  • To-Do List
  • Grocery List
  • Gift List
  • Donations
  • Shopping List
  • My Wish List
  • Mom's Wish List
  • Dad's Wish List
  • Wish List
  • Black Friday Shopping
  • Cyber Monday Shopping
  • Nice List
  • Naughty List
  • Christmas Movies to Watch
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Things To Bake
  • Things To Cook
  • What I Got For Christmas...
  • Notes
  • Christmas Recipes
  • Christmas Activities
  • Christmas Games To Play
  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Christmas Brunch
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Menu (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Christmas Menu (Starters/Main Course/Desserts)
  • Decoration Storage
  • Christmas List

Must-Haves and Favorite Pages

The entire planner is perfect for organizing and staying on top of your Christmas so you can focus on what really matters…family and friends. BUT the following pages are definitely favs! The best part is you get the entire Christmas Forever Planner with over 40 pages (favorites and all!)

Gift List

The holidays are about family, friends, and gift giving so its only fitting that you get a gift list in your Christmas Forever Planner. I personally love that this gift list is simple, yet effective. It will help you stay within your budget while giving out gifts this holiday season.

Christmas Forever Planner

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Lists

These are an absolute must! If you’re someone that shops BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday), then you NEED these planner printables. The best part is that you can print as many copies of any of the pages in your Christmas Forever Planner for your personal use.

Christmas Forever Planner


The holidays are about giving back and that is the best feeling during this season. If you’re someone who donates regularly, sometimes, or you’re thinking of donating I HIGHLY recommend these planner printables. Not only are you keeping track of what you’ve donated, but where and how much you’ve donated. BEST. Feeling. EVER!

Christmas Forever Planner

Christmas Menu

A Christmas menu is super important for noting exactly what it is that you will be cooking and when.

Thank me later…

Christmas Forever Planner

 What I Got For Christmas

Perfect for looking back at everything you got for Christmas. Print more out every year for your personal use to keep track of gifts you’ve received over time. I WISH there were something like this when I was younger, so I could look back at all the wonderful gifts I was given over the years.

Christmas Forever Planner

Wish Lists

There all multiple wish lists in this Christmas Forever Planner, so that everything is personal to you and your family. Write your list and give to family and friends, so that you get the things you want this holiday season.

Christmas Forever Planner

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