As a college student it can be difficult to stay organized and focus on assignments at the same time. You need a really good student planner to help keep track of assignments, due dates, projects, studying, and exams.

The Student Planner was created to help you succeed in your classes and keep up with it all. This planner is perfect for any college student no matter your major!

how to organize your student planner 

Highlight exams, assignments, and projects

Color code each item. You can do blue for homework, yellow for exams and so on to make it easier to glance at your planner during the busy week.

Fill in your planner at least once a week

I recommend that you take your class schedule/syllabus and fill in all due dates at the very beginning of the semester. Keep in mind that due dates sometimes change depending on the professor/circumstance so you may need to cross some items out but with our printable planners you can reprint as many copies as you want.

Organize your planner into sections

Depending on the number of classes you have; print enough student planner printables to last you until you’re ready to plan again. I like to keep all my grades, assignments, etc. for each class all together but this is personal preference. For me, it makes it easier to see what’s next for that particular class.

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