With the holidays in full effect there's no better time than now to learn how to get what you need out of the grocery store and be on your way quickly. I feel like I've mastered the process and you can too!
 My go-to grocery store at the moment is Walmart. Since Walmart has come out with Walmart Grocery where you can just pick up your groceries and go it no longer even takes me 30 minutes, BUT I will tell you the tips that I used when I use to grocery shop in store that saved me SO much time!
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6 ways to get in and out of the grocery store in under 30 minutes

 1. Make Your List (and check it twice)

 Making a grocery list should be something that you get into the habit of especially if you often forget to buy something while visiting the grocery store. I usually will be watching a show and they mention something that I’m interested in eating, I Google meals to eat, or go to what I know I will like, which makes creating a list super easy.
I highly recommend the Planner Mode Lifestyle Forever Planner, which includes a grocery list that is color code with the particular month that we’re in. You could also just use the same color every month if you like since you’re able to print as many copies as you like (for your personal use).
Organize your grocery list to your local grocery store’s lay out. That way you’re in and out and know exactly where everything is located within the store.

2. Shop Front To Back

When shopping start at the front of the store, which is usually fruits and veggies when you first walk in. It makes it easier because if you’re someone that likes to go down every aisle you won’t have to double back.
If you’re someone who goes to where they need to go and check-out this works too! I’ve seen so many people double back (myself included) because we forgot something on a previous aisle. It usually doesn’t make for a nice shopping experience if there's a crowd, so write your list, organize it by aisles/sections, and check it twice!

3. Use The Self Checkout Line

Self-checkout to the rescue! …Walmart has gotten this process down to a science. Anytime that I go into the grocery store there is always an associate there at self-checkout to help if you need it, which is awesome!
Grocery stores try to cater to everyone, so that’s where self check-out comes in.
Not going to lie. Often times (when I would shop in the store) and go to the self-check-out line there would be 5-10 people in front of me, BUT the line moves CRAZY fast due to the fact that there are so many check-out stations.
In my experience, there is an associate there helping customers, which (again) is really nice. 

4. Leave The Store Parking Lot From The Back

This has been a lifesaver! If your store has it to where you could leave the parking lot the back way, DO IT!
No more waiting on a bunch of cars to pass or baskets in the way! Just park in the back and leave the back way. Once I started doing this not only did I save SO much time, but I was a lot happier and had an overall better shopping experience.

5. Use Grocery Pickup

I really like Walmart Grocery pickup and I’ve used them since October 2016. I use it every time I get groceries. Especially during this pandemic it has been AMAZING to not have to worry about being 6 feet apart from someone and using GermX throughout my shopping experience.
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Most major grocery stores have a pickup system in place, so this option is not limited to Walmart. As of today I’ve only used Walmart Grocery, but I’m wanting to try out other stores to see and compare. Where I live I'm kind of limited on options of grocery stores for where I’m willing to drive to get to. 

6. Don’t Go On An Empty Stomach

I tend to order my groceries at night when I’m hungry! Then sometimes I'll wake up and think why did I order so many snacks?! LOL
Shopping in-store is the same thing. Don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat a light snack before entering the store if you need to. By going on an empty stomach you increase the chances of buying more food and spending more money and you may forget what you actually went into the store for. Thus, potentially adding more time to your trip.

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