Here at Planner Mode we want you to have a positive experience each and every time you shop with us, so we've created a full step-by-step tutorial on how to download (included below), resize, and print your digital downloads with ease. This is to help you enjoy your Forever Planners in no time!

If you do find yourself needing help, the following tutorial is going to be your BFF!

Enjoy and remember get in your Planner Mode!

how to download digital products

1| Go to and shop for the planners that suit your needs.

2| Click on the planner that you want to purchase. On the product page you will find all of the planner's information.

3| Click on the Add To Cart button and a new window will pop up with a summary of the planners in your cart that you want to purchase.

You can add as many items as you like by clicking Continue Shopping or if you're ready to checkout click View Cart, then Check Out.

4| Once you've clicked the Check Out button you will be directed to the Payment window where you will enter your contact information, coupon code (if applicable), and billing information. Once completed click Continue to Payment

5| Enter your payment information and click Pay Now.

6| You will receive two separate emails. The first email will be your order confirmation and the second email will include your digital downloads. Please note that all orders may be downloaded up to 5 times. This cannot be reset, so make sure you're ready to begin your download before doing so. We highly recommend that you download from a computer (and not a mobile device as you may run into some trouble.) 

7| Within your email that contains your digital download, click Download Now and your download will begin. Most computers automatically save downloaded files within the Downloads folder within your file drive.

8| To unzip your digital downloads on a PC or laptop simply save the .zip file to your computer, right-click on the file name, and click Extract All. This will create a new file on your computer within the same Downloads folder. Double click on the new file created to open.

9| We send all files (and digital downloads) as PDF files only. Most computers have Adobe Reader pre-installed, but if yours does not for any reason, simply click HERE to download Adobe Reader at no charge to you.

10| Can't find the file you just downloaded? Use the search bar within your computer's file drive to search for the planner's name (i.e. Budget Mode Planner, Beauty Mode Planner, etc.)

11| Still needing additional help? Google is going to be another one of your BFFs! Don't underestimate a quick and easy Google search.

12| Want to resize your planner resizing? Click HERE for a step-by-step tutorial!

13| Want to know how to print your planner? Click HERE for a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial!

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