One day I randomly thought to clean and organize my closet. I do a major closet clean out 1-2 times a year where I take everything out of my closet and throw away things that don’t belong, take unused clothing to Plato’s Closet to try to get some money for them, and donate anything else.
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how to clean and organize your entire closet


These clear storage containers have made storing items so much easier! I store them at the very top of my closet and they make it easier to find things. I use these labels to label each bin so I have easy access to what I need. I use the clear storage containers to store office supplies, snacks, hygiene products, skin care, makeup, and so much more!


I use these drawers and these to store pajamas and other items since its a more affordable option and it fits perfectly into my closet. Makes it so much easier to keep clothes organized and I'm able to stuff a lot of clothes in here before it fills up.


These velvet hangers make everything look more chic in my closet. They also save on space and create a more cohesive look. I love these because they're less bulky so I can have more clothes hanging. I also color code my closet and separate bottoms from tops, so that all the same colors are together, which makes it so much more efficient when I'm trying to figure out what I want to wear for the day.


This shoe storage has been such a space saver. Prior to using this I had shoes all over my closet floor taking up A LOT of space. Now, I easily slide the under bed shoe storage under the bed and it saves so much space. I also like it because it helps keep dust out of my shoes, which is another reason I went with this one.


I use this shoe rack for shoes that I wear often or boots that don’t fit in the shoe storage. Its adjustable, which is perfect for me because there's not a ton of room in my closet. Tip: Put boots and heels on top and other shoes on the bottom, so that it's easier to grab and go.


If you're someone that has tons of paper everywhere this is a must. Definitely go through and get rid of any papers and documents that aren't important or that you think you won't need. I currently store papers in a filing cabinet to keep things organized so I don’t have papers everywhere. I also use these file folders to keep things organized by year and item (i.e. car, home, etc.) I also love this mesh filing crate.


It’s super helpful when you can actually separate your laundry by whites and colored instead of having them mixed in. This laundry basket makes doing laundry quicker. Having everything separated also helps prevent white clothes turning a different color and it cuts down on the task of separating them all at once.
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