This holiday gift guide for planner lovers is filled with all the things planner lovers LOVE, but it also has items that are warm and cozy to create a planner experience, which is what Planner Mode is all about!

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Planner Lover

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Planner Stickers | | Planner sticker galore! Comes in OVER 1,000 planner stickers and we're obsessed! There's a sticker for any occasion, which makes them so fun and functional year-round!
2021 Forever Planner | | Of course we had to add in a Forever Planner to get your planner lover off to a great 2021 New Year! We offer OVER 50 different planners styles, layouts, and colors to fit ANYONES lifestyle and preference. Shop more planner options HERE!
Washi Tape | | I LOVE these festive washi tape options. I think they're perfect for the New Year and you can't go wrong with black and gold! The best part is that they come in over 20 styles and they're SUPER affordable. 
Planner Pens | | I'm all for color coding, so these planner pens are perfect to personalize your planner and get it even more organized! I wrote about how to get your planner super organized HERE!
Throw Blanket | | EVERY day I cozy up with my throw blanket and it really makes planning my day so much better especially during these cold weather months in Houston!
Coffee Mug | | If you're a coffee or tea lover you need this mug! Marble is so beautiful and just looking at this marble mug is sure to get your mornings and end your evening off to a smoothing start/end!
Ear Buds | | Am I the only one that loves to listen to music while I plan my days? There's something so relaxing and fun about turning on my playlist and getting things done!
Highlighters | | Again, color coding is so helpful and these highlighters are perfect for you planner lovers! Comes in 6 colors and I love that they're the perfect size for highlighting your planner.
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