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amazon work from home must-haves


Finding the perfect desk takes time. For me I searched so many places for a good affordable white desk that would fit in the room and this one is perfection. I LOVE it so much! I’ve never had a white desk so I was worried about clean up, but it’s SO easy to wipe down. At least once a month I like to wipe down and organize my desk so that it is free from clutter, dirt, and dust. A clean desk = inspiration!

Desk Chair

You can’t have a desk without a desk chair. This is essential to working from home. I’ve personally sat in uncomfortable desk chairs and after 12 hour days my back was in so much pain and I was exhausted! Sometimes the desk chair can make it feel like working from home days are much longer than they really are. Get you a good one!


I use desktops while in the office and the Apple and Dell desktop are 2 that have served me well. I love the sleek look of both but they’re both VERY different. With that said I recommend the Dell desktop if you prefer PC or just starting out with a computer and the Apple desktop if you’re a fast learner and have patience to understand it as it is very different than the Dell.


If you’re someone that doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on a desktop I highly recommend getting this monitor that just hooks up to your laptop using a HDMI cord.


Whether you use a desktop or monitor you’ll need a keyboard. THIS is the one that I use and THESE are the AA and AAA batteries I use for everything. I’ve tried other batteries and wireless keyboards and they don’t hold up to the ones I’m currently using.


I’m picky about the computer mouse I use because I like a simple, yet functional mouse. This wireless mouse comes with the keyboard and is really good and affordable.


If you’re anything like me and you love to plan out your day this planner is a must! It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to stay organized and on top of tasks.


Zoom and virtual meetings are all the rave right now and a webcam is definitely essential. Most laptops and some desktops come with one built-in, but if yours doesn’t or you’re looking to get a new one look no further. This webcam will come in handy for all of your virtual meetings.


Music is a must when working from home, but with these headphones (in black or in rose gold) you’re able to block out sound during virtual meetings.

Tablet holder

This is all the rave today. Ever stacked a bunch of books on top of each other or leaned your tablet against a stack of books? Same and it’s no fun! Thankfully this tablet holder eliminates the hassle.

Phone holder

Your phone never has to drop and capture the ceiling ever again! Haha. This phone holder doubles up as a tablet holder too and does all the work of holding up your phone for you.
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