The goal of using a planner is to stay more organized. BUT what happens when you need to organize your planner?
Here are my top 5 tips to keeping your planner (printables) organized!
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5 ways to organize your planner

1. Color Code with Highlighters

I LOVE color coding things and this method helps me really stay on top of things. It also helps save time. If I have all meetings in yellow and assignments in blue; I can simply glance at my planner to see what I have coming up for the week. Highlighters make color coding easy!
The Lifestyle Forever Planner weekly insert is perfect for this because all I have to do is look at the time and then look at the color and know exactly what I need to be doing and when. These quick glances will save SO much time!
Have a color for each item. Some examples could be yellow – meetings, blue – assignments, orange – family time, green – pay day, pink – self-care.

2. Use Stickers

There are many different stickers out there that you could get from most local stores. You just have to find what you like and then you can always buy more and color code them for each month.
The Lifestyle Forever Planner comes with color coded months, so stickers are just an added layer of beauty to your planner printables. If you like more color in your planner, then stickers are the perfect solution.

3. Have A Planner Mode Day

Pick 1-4 days a month to sit and plan your week/month out. We’ve created a Planner Mode Day playlist here for you to jam out while you plan. This playlist includes upbeat and softer music depending on what you like. We enjoy updating this playlist monthly for you all to switch it up and jam to what we jam to as well.

4. Remove or Cross Out Cancelled Events and Tasks

If you’re using stickers in your planner (that are easy to remove) then you’re at an advantage because you could just remove the sticker that includes that cancelled event or task. That way you don’t even have to think about it anymore.
This also applies to those of you that like to use pencil in your planner, just erase it! On the contrary, if you’re using pen or marker then simply cross out the event, so that you know that it’s not something you have to think about anymore.

5. Pre-Plan Your Planner Mode Day

Planner Mode Day is any day out of the week where you sit down for however long and plan out your entire month.
At least 3-4 days before your Planner Mode Day you should be thinking of what you want to write inside of your planner. This helps with efficiency, but it also gives you an idea of what your weeks will look like.
Usually we know some of the things that go into our planners every day/week/month, so have those ready to go and any others that may be new. If you’re on the go and your walking or talking, then pull out your phone and jot some items in a notes app to add to your planner. This way you don’t forget. Super easy!
The Lifestyle Planner printable planner has everything you need to plan your day! Use it to keep track of tasks, bills, habits, and so much more!

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